What to Expect from an Emergency Dentist

An emergency dentist is someone that will oversee any dental emergencies. An emergency is classed as anything which involves extreme pain or damage to teeth. For instance, when a tooth needs to be extracted immediately or a filling or crown falls out and causes pain, this is classed as an emergency. On the other hand, anyone that just wants their teeth cleaned or has a cavity which needs to be filled, and has no pain is not classed as an emergency.

Many emergency dentists are available 24/7 to handle dental emergencies whenever they happen, however, availability will greatly depend on a patient’s location. Normally, an emergency dentist will deal with situations that involve intense pain and damage. Such situations can include tooth decay, an abscessed or infected tooth, or a tooth that was shattered in some way. Often, emergency dentists will perform extractions or, when a tooth is salvageable, they will fill the cavity.

These dentists often heal gums which are swollen as a result of disease of an infection. Whether the dentist prescribes medication, such as pain medicine or antibiotics, will all depend on a patient’s situation and the dentist’s policy. Some dental emergencies can be much more complicated than just extracting or filling a tooth.

For instance, some dentists may have to perform an emergency root canal. When there is severe pain involved, they could replace a crown which has dropped out or apply a temporary crown until their patient is able to make an appointment to get a permanent replacement. The same can be said when a tooth has cracked but isn’t shattered, the dentist will stabilize it until their patient’s regular dentist is able to repair it.

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