What Is a Primary Care Dentist?

or PCD for short is the main dental care provider for people that have insurance. They are responsible for coordinating and integrating care for patients. The PCD acts as a gateway to dental specialists. People that are insured under this type of dental plan must first obtain a referral before they can see a specialist. This approach often ensures dental costs are kept lower for both patients and insurance companies but will allow access to more services that offer a better quality of care.

Originally, dental insurance choices were sparse indeed, the most common insurance offered was for simple dental maintenance, including cavity fillings and cleaning. Major dental work was never covered. Only dental policies which were part of a medical insurance covered more complicated procedures, like braces. In either instance, the insured had complete access to any dental generalist or specialist, simply calling and making an appointment.

Because this grew in popularity, it was put in place that a primary care doctor in control of other medical specialists and services had to be used instead. There is now a wider array of dental services, however, the insured must choose a primary care dentist from the beginning of their policy.

Once this was done, the insured had no other option but to go to their PCD first, even when the service they needed is given by other dentists. Dentists come under 2 categories, which are generalists and specialists. The former provides basic care, including cleaning and fillings. The later will provide major dental work, ranging from bridgework, removing teeth and installing braces. PCD’s are only generalists. An insured will not be allowed to choose a PCD from any specialist category.

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