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Northern Kentucky Dental Center is a great choice for a professional and reliable dental center that offers teeth whitening & more. We are conveniently based in Crescent Springs, KY, and here is more about why choosing us for your next teeth exam is the right thing to do.

During a standard examination, your dentist will evaluate your mouth for any potential abnormalities to determine your oral cancer risk. According to the Mouth Cancer Foundation, one American dies of oral cancer every hour. Early detection is essential for the 53,000 persons who are diagnosed annually; only half will survive five years. Early diagnosis is essential for prevention.

Regular visits to the dentist might help you identify gaps in your dental hygiene. We can offer tips to help you with this at home so that you can remove any dental hygiene-related bad habits.

If you require a dental examination, allow our professionals to assist you. Our team of dentists is prepared to assist you with all of your preventive dentistry needs. If you are encountering issues, we will assist you in diagnosing the problem and developing remedies.

Are you looking for a professional teeth whitening service in Crescent Springs, KY? Northern Kentucky Dental Center is the one you should choose. Contact us at (859) 331-8200 today!

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